9 Bollywood Stars who went to the Jail [Bollywood case files]

Everyone of us has a favorite movie star. We love their characters and also tries to follow them in real life. They inspire us, encourages us to work for the society and in may ways. We saw them in many different roles in movies including police or army officers, social workers, leader, super heroes, who works for the humanity but in real life they also are normal people like us and present a totally different image. Unfortunately, some of them also knocked the doors of the jail. I think you got some of the names in your mind. But, you may love to know the story and controversies they were involved. So, here we are sharing the information about Bollywood stars who went to the jail.

Sanjay Dutt

No need to mention that how much popular he is, the actor acts in his own style. He has started his career with  the movie Rocky and given many hits until now. He has been liked by peoples in his negative roles for his extraordinary acting and macho style. He has recently given a jaw dropping performance in the remake of Agneepath. But, the year 1993 was not so lucky for him. He was arrested in TADA case for having illegal weapons at home. He has spent 16 months in the jail and again got arrested in 2006 but released on bail in 2007.

Salman Khan

The dabang actor of the Bollywood. He is one of the most powerful personality of the industry. He is a successful actor but we can’t neglect the controversies he has made in the past. The first time Salman spent few day day in the jail in 2006 for hunting two rare dears when he was shooting for Hum Sath Sath Hai movie. But it was not the end, another time he knocked the door of the jail when he has driven his car over the sleeping peoples on footpath.  Recently he was in news for slapping Katrina Kaif and quarrel with SRK is normal.  😉

Saif Ali Khan

The Chote Nawab, Saif Ali Khan is one of the recognizable Bollywood star and belongs to a royal family. Father Nawab Mysore Ali Khan the former Captain of Indian Cricket team and mother Sharmila Taigore, are one of the well known names in India. But, when the Actor with his girl Kareena Kapoor, he can beat you anywhere!
He was in the news for beating up a man in the Taj Hotel, Mumbai. Saif and his gang were requested by a nearby person to keep silent. Resulting Saif Got angry and beaten him badly. But, latterly the actor was arrested on a charge of Attempt to Murder and unfortunately spent few hours in jail.

John Abraham

The sexy man of the Bollywood. He has given many brilliant performances in movies. He is very passionate about riding foreign bikes. He has many recognizable sports bike models. But, the scene got changed when he had an accident on his bike and hurt two peoples. Whether he has admitted his crime and spent 15 days in jail.

Shiney Ahuja
The actor given great performances in some of hit movies like Gangster, Bhool Bhulaia. He was on his golden time when all of the sudden everything got changed. He has spent three months in the jail for allegedly raping his house cleaner but she has withdrawn her case and shiney got released.

Fardeen Khan

Even though he doesn’t have a successful film career but he got all the media attention in 2001 when police arrested him with nine grams of cocaine.

Madhur Bhandarkar

The three times national award winner director Madhur Bhandarkar was arrested in 2006 for allegedly raping a small actress Preethi Jain in a promise to offer a movie. But he has been relief by the court ass nothing was proved against him.

Monica Bedi

In other words, girl friend of Don Abu Salem. The Punjabi beauty has spent five years in the jail in passport forgery case. But she got released on bail and appeared in the famous reality show Bigg-Boss.


One of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood film history. But knowingly or unknowingly, she has reached in jail for rejecting to act on the movie Naya Dour after taking the advance from the director B.R.Chpra.

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