Aamir Khan will be the bad boy

Mumbai: The rumors about Aamir Khan playing the villain in the film “Dhoom 3” have been going on for months now, and no conclusion has been drawn. Until now. We now bring you the latest news about the actor and the so-called role he is going to play.

In the first part of the “Dhoom” franchise, we saw John Abraham portray the evil character, and in “Dhoom 2”, Hrithik Roshan played his best bad role. Now, after many discussions and speculations about Aamir playing the role in the third film of the franchise, the actor finally confirms.

At the actor’s residence in Bandra, Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra and Aamr himself gathered for a long meeting with rough negotiations, but they all got what they wanted. The negotiations have been going on since June last year. Aamir liked the idea, and received a detailed script on August 13th.

Aamir Khan will play alongside the regulars of “Dhoom”, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, and it seems that he will take on a stylized look for his villain role.

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