Aamir will only star in films for Rs 30 cr

Mumbai: The latest buzz from the tinsel town film industry is that the actor Aamir Khan will only be seen on films if his fee will be of at least Rs 30 cr. In his rate the actor will soon be catching up with his colleague, the Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan. A source has informed us that the actor Aamir Khan has just signed a contract with the tinsel town producer Aditya Chopra, stating that Aamir will be going to take on the B-town Khans by a clear profit.

It seems that Aamir Khan has asked for a profit sharing contract with the producer, considering that he will not be making the Dhoom sequel. Considering the success of the previous film, we can expect that the Bollywood celebrity will make from this deal at least one hundred cr. That if we consider the movie production to be only half successful as the first part. It is sure that Aamir Khan is now one of the best paid actors in the industry.

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