Aarya Babbar Injured in Afra Tafri

Millions of Indians feel that Bollywood is all about fame and money, but these days Bollywood is all about bad incidents happening to actors and performers. You can surely say that the time for Bollywood actors is not right in all sense because there are many senior actors who have passed away and many youngsters that are getting injured. Earlier, Abhishek Bachchan got injured on the sets of Bol Bachchan and then it was Vivek Oberoi who injured his back on the sets of Zilla Ghaziabad and now its Aarya Babbar who has injured himself at the sets of Afra Tafri. 

Aarya Babbar is not among the best actors at the moment but he is definitely among the recognized actors in Bollywood. The actor will now be seen in his next action movie Aazaan which will soon release in October. At the time of the accident, Aarya Babbar was at the sets of Afra Tafri which also stars Govinda and Mugdha Godse. The scene that was going on had some firecrackers. As per the screenplay Aarya Babbar was supposed to hold the firecracker while talking to Suneil Shetty and Govinda. However, things went wrong suddenly and the firecrackers going around accidentally sparked the firecracker in Aarya Babbar’s hand which injured him in the process.

Aarya Babbar was taken for medication and everything is fine. The movie is being produced by Krishan Chaudhary and Vipin Jain. Haadi Ali Abraar is the director of the movie and the movie is slated to release next year. It looks like a normal comedy family entertainer and with Govinda in it there is sure to have some comic scenes as well. The shooting of the movie continues to be on schedule. It is hoped that Aarya Babbar will get well soon and be back in action for some Afra Tafri.


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