AB Gets Hit Accidentally

We all believe that actors and stars lead a wonderful life because they get tons of money and they are always in the limelight. Hence, they always get the kind of life they want to live but the fact is that injuries and accidents also come as part and parcel of this business and many actors have suffered this for many times. Recently, many actors are being getting injured. Initially, it was Abhishek Bachchan who got injured on the sets of Bol Bachchan and soon after that it was Vivek Oberoi who fell down while trying to do his own stunts on the sets of Zilla Ghaziabad. 

Now, it’s the senior Bachchan that has suffered from hairline rib fracture on the sets of Department. The movie is being directed by Ram Gopal Verma and Amitabh Bachchan was supposed to do a cameo role in the movie. However, during one of the action scenes where AB and security guard are in the action the butt of the carbine or the elbow of the security hit the rib area of Mr. Bachchan and had internal rupture right below the ribs. AB was feeling a bit uneasy and had problems breathing but doctors have taken the X ray. However, AB continues to work and he has already shot for a song and dance sequence as well.

As per the reports, the doctors claim that there is no treatment for such hairline rib fractures because it heals automatically in few weeks time. Hence, the only thing that AB can do now is take some rest to recover quickly. Big B posted on his blog site that since there are no treatments available for such fractures he will have to bear the pain his best companion now is the hot water bottle which provides better relief from the pain and discomfort.

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