Abhishek Bachchan and Sarah Jane Dias together

Mumbai: The leading actors from the film called Game, Abhishek Bachchan and his co star Sarah Jane Dias were seen taking some time off and relaxing with the winners of the contest held by the a game portal in Novotel Hotel in Mumbai, this Thursday. Sources said that the actor was wearing a pair of sporty jeans and a crew neck tee and also a sport jacket. As for his co star in the movie production, she was seen in a pink mini dress and a blue pair of sandals.

The two actors were not along, as the director Abhinay Deo and Sarah Khan were also present there. The super star of Bollywood, the 35 years old actor Abhishek Bachchan signed autograph and chatted with his fans but also with the winners of the contest.

This film of the actor is a story of four completely strangers that received an invitation to the private island of Kabir Malhotra. By the following day all of them wished that they have never come to this island in Greece.

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