Abhishek Bachchan celebrates birthday in style

Mumbai: Abhishek Bachchan is now jubilating on his 35th birthday celebration, and has taken some time off to remember and relive the most precious moments that he and his wife, Aishwarya, have spent together so far, and especially enjoying the best moments together that they are living right as we speak, in their vacation in New Zeeland. The actor will be away from Mumbai for almost a full month.

Abhishek stated recently that he is always happy to have his family and his wife as close to him as possible. He feels sorry that he could not spent more time with his mother before he left on his holiday, Mrs. Bachchan also complaining about the too tight schedule her son has.

The actor is very excited to come back to work as well, as he has a line of six or seven films releasing in 2011. The films will be releasing one almost every other month. “Game” will start the series on April 1st, and in the future, “Dum MAro Dum”, “Bol Bachchan”, “players”, “Ladies and Gentleman”, “Dhoom”, “Dostana 2” and finally “Department”.

Source: http://www.cotidianul.ro/125035-Pe_aripile_vantului_bollywoodian

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