Abhishek down again

Abhishek Bachchan is trying hard to make his way to the top and start a successful career in Bollywood, but he does not seem to convincing. In his latest film, “Raavan”, Abhishek showed another side of acting skills, and played a violent character. “Raavan” did not, however, meet the expectations of the audience. Viewers all over India were not pleased to see his act, nor the film itself.

Abhishek was showed the world that he is a good actor, and “Guru”, “Paa”, “Sarkar”, “Delhi 6” and “Dostana” are proofs of his great talent. So this is not the reason of the film’s failure. Generally, after a film release, people can easily say what was right and what was wrong in the film, but nobody can say something precise about the actor’s performance in the “Raavan”. Abhishek made a great effort, but as the film did not make it at the box office, the actor finds himself in a not too bright situation. Of course, this is not the end of Abhishek’s career, and he will surely have other opportunities to prove what he’s worth.

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