Abhishek, to listen to Justin Bieber, or not?

New Delhi: Navya Naveli is a very fortunate young girl. She is the niece of famous actor Abhishek Bachchan, and apparently has a great power over him. Navya seems to like the American young sensation, Justin Bieber, and has gotten so excited about the singer, that she made Abhishek promise her that the actor will listen to Justin’s songs.

This is how Abhishek got himself in a big jam. Apparently, a friend of the actor, who just happens to be the famous composer Vishal Dadlani, asked Abhishek kindly, but seriously to keep away and not listen to the teenager’s songs.

Abhishek tweeted recently about his promise, to which Vishal quickly responded, telling Abhishek to run from those songs, describing Justin’s voice as being whiny and girly, adding that listening to his songs would be a “fate worse that death”. That’s a bit exaggerated, don’t you think?

Vishal also launched an invitation for Abhishek and his niece, Navya, to come to one of his shows. The 13 years old girl should indeed try to listen to something else that the “teenage sensation”.

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