Aftab Signed for 1920 Sequel

Horror movies will always stay in demand because there are many viewers across the globe that loves horror movies. In India, the trend of horror movies was kept alive by the Ramsay Brothers, but now in their absence there are many new directors who want to try their hands on this genre and scare their audiences to their spine. There are many new horror movies that did well at the box office, but there are plenty of them that did not do well. This graph shows that there are not many who can actually go ahead and instill fear in the minds of their viewers. 

Recently, Vikram Bhatt has been coming up with many scary horror movies like 1920, Haunted, Raaz, and Shaapit. In 2008, Vikram Bhatt came up with a brilliant horror story that was set in 1920 and it was a great combination of historic story blended with horror. The movie had some brilliant camera work, light effects and visual effects to scare the audience. The sound effects too were brilliantly done. Since the movie received good response from the audience Vikram Bhatt is set to shoot for the sequel of 1920 which will be called 1920: Evil Returns. However, this time it will be Bhushan Patel, Vikram’s former assistant that will handle the direction of the movie.

Vikram had worked with Aftab on various projects and therefore he decided that Aftab would suit the role perfectly. Aftab have worked with Vikram in eight films including Kasoor, Awara Paagal Deewana, Footpath, and Red: The Dark Side and many other. Speaking to the press about the movie Aftab said that he has never tried the horror genre before and working with Vikram will be easier since they know each other well and that can simplify things on the set. Aftab also tweeted that he is excited to do his first ever horror project. The shooting for the movie begins in October and the movie will be ready for release in February 2012.

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