Agneepath titan clash: Vengeful Hrithik Roshan faces a monstrous Gabbar Singh

Remember the menacing dacoit Gabbar Singh, the villainous character of the cult classic ‘Sholay’ immortalized by the late Amzad Khan? His unshaven face and rustic language added a hideous touch to that character which is regarded as the most feared villain of Bollywood screen even after 40 years. But the upcoming film ‘Agneepath’ may unleash a new Gabbar Singh if actor Hrithik Roshan is to be believed.

Hrithik, who reprises the role of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (earlier portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan in the original), is mightily impressed by the power-packed performance of his on-screen archrival Sanjay Dutt aka Kancha Cheena. Sanjay plays Kancha Cheena in Karan Johar’s ‘Agneepath’ and in order to make his character look menacing, he has tonsured his head and eyebrows. The bald and bulky look has certainly lent a very intimidating element to the character and we can trust the veteran actor to deliver an outstanding performance to further bolster that devilish image.

Some film pundits have even predicted that Sanjay Dutt’s performance may overshadow that of Hrithik in this film that is slated for a 26th January release. Hrithik, despite having done a commendable job in the film, is having no qualms in admitting his awe for Dutt. Hrithik has worked with him in the past in the film ‘Mission Kashmir’ but in ‘Agneepath’, the two are pitted against each other with both of them matching each other frame to frame.

The film’s story is basically similar to the one in the Amitabh-Danny starrer classic ‘Agneepath’ but the settings and times have changed and there are fresh layers & shades to the plot. Being a story of revenge, we can expect a lot of ‘dhishoom dhishoom’ action and some adrenaline-pumping stunts & gravity-defying leaps.

While Hrithik has this Herculean built and an aura of Greek God who is bound to come out triumphant, the bald, beefy Sanjay Dutt is looking like an invincible brutal monster who cannot be slain. The countdown has begun, the curtains are rising, come Republic Day and a fierce battle is on the cards…

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