Ajay’s website almost ready to be launched

Mumbai: Another out of this world news revolves this time around Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan. The actor is on his high these days, and decided it is best to get serious and be more in touch with his fans from now on. So, he thought of launching his own website, sharing his thoughts and some news that catch his eye with anyone interested.

His entertainment website is almost ready to be launched, and according to Ajay, the website will bring not only himself, but the other Bollywood celebs as well. Moreover, his website will also act as a ticketing portal. Getting excited yet? Fans will be able to buy tickets for the films they wish to see without leaving their homes.

And that is not all! Fans will have the opportunity to talk directly to their idols and favorites.

The Bollywood sensation, Ajay is not working alone on the website, but has found a team of experts which are working hard now to get website out. The project occupies most of Ajay’s free time for about one year now.

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