Akshay and Twinkle’s celebration

Mumbai: As anyone already knows the two Bollywood celebrities had just celebrated ten years of marriage. However many are aware of the fact that Twinkle Khanna has made an unexpected present to her beloved husband. That is how Akshay Kumar got a custom made Harley Davidson as an anniversary present.

A source close to the two said that Akshay Kumar is a really big fan of the bikes and that is way Twinkle Khanna decided to surprise him like that. Another thing which he well liked actor like to do is to go on the bike alongside his lovely wife but also their son Aarav. For that purpose he put a comfy seat next oh his personal wish list.

Sources say that the actor is more than excited about his present, mostly because he did not see it coming. He had mentioned in the past how much he would love such a gift. Not long after he spoke this he was surprised by this custom made Harley Davidson. Now this is gift to remember.

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