Akshay Gives Away Son of Sardar Title

There were times when most of the Bollywood movies were titled in Hindi but taking into consideration the new time that we live in. Bollywood directors are now interested in giving their movie an English title because it also provides an international look to the audience who want to see movie outside India. Directors are well aware that there are Indian audiences outside India as well and therefore English titles are better as that would click to them instantly. However, sometimes people can run out of choices for English titles too and that is exactly what happened with Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn. son of sardar

Ajay Devgn was all set to star in the Ashwini Dhir’s next movie which was named Son of Sardar, but interestingly the same title was registered with Akshay Kumar as he was interested in coming up with a movie of the same name and therefore Akshay was not really happy to part away with the title. It seems that both the actors waited for some time to see if the other one gives up and finally Ajay Devgn has got the title.

As per the news, both the actors have met together and discussed about the title and they have finally sort out the issue peacefully. Ajay personally went to the sets of Rowdy Rathore where Akshay was shooting for the movie and they came up with the conclusion that Ajay will have the title. Speaking about the movie title Ajay Devgn said that he did request Akshay for the title as a part of good gesture Akshay is ready to give away that title to Ajay Devgn. Ajay further said that he will always be indebted to Akshay for this kind gesture. He also said that the movie will start in January next year but as per now no further information.

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