Akshay has trauma of portraying a Sardar

Mumbai: Trailers for “Patiala House” went on air, and people started wondering about it. In the trailer, Akshay Kumar is not wearing a turban, although he belongs to a Sikh family. So, what’s the reason behind it?

Gattu, Akshay’s character in the film, does not have a turban or a beard, though they are typical for Sardars, and has short hair. Rumors are that the character Akshay plays in the film is based on Monty Panesar, England’s cricketer.

Well, we found the reason. Akshay simply wants to avoid controversies, so he played a Mona-Sardar, which was more convenient for him.

Akshay had faced trouble during “Singh is Kinng”, when Sardars protested about the actor wrongly portraying a Sardar. So the actor went straight forward and told the director he does not want to create trouble again, so he portrayed Gattu as a Mona-Sardar, in spite of the original script.

In respect to all the religious sentiments of the community, he did not want to take risks with “Patiala House”. Nikhil thought it was appropriate to change the script and allow Akshay he’s request.

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