Akshay, hurting from back pain

The actor is dealing now with a serious medical issue, having a major back problem. The thing that was most affected by his back pain was Askhay’s schedule, which was thrown off. The actor was expected to come to London for the promotion of his newest film, “Tees Maar Khan”. Fortunately, the actor has asked for remedial treatment, and has recovered. However, the trip to Dubai was cancelled, and Katrina Kaif went alone to promote the film.

Akshay’s schedule was very busy lately, and apparently the actor cannot take all the pressure. Only in the past few days, the actor has travelled to several cities, starting with Ahmedaba, and later in Kolkata, in Jaipur and Ludhiana, and finally in Amritsar, before falling ill.

After returning from Amritsar, the actor went urgently to the a MRI check out. The tests were normal, but the doctor advised him to avoid travelling for a week, but Akshay left for London after a day’s rest. After London, Akshay will also be traveling to New York, Toronto and Dubai.

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