Akshay Kumar and his mother in law perform together

Mumbai: The latest buzz in the film industry of Bollywood is regarding the upcoming collaboration between Akshay Kumar and his mother in law, Dimple Kapadia. The film says the story of a Sikh character located in the UK who’s biggest desire is to represent the cricket team of England as pace bowler. He is forced to give up his dream because his father does not agree with this. But in the end he is given a second chance at this, and he has the possibility of pursuing it this time.

This character is played by Akshay Kumar, and his mother in the movie production will be Dimple, his real life mother in law. The film in question is the much expected ‘Patiala House’ which tells the story of the Kahlon family.

Source close to the set have said that the actor and his mother in law are really getting along during the shooting of the film. They are both very thrilled about this collaboration and very happy to be working on this particular picture.

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