Akshay Kumar in love with Canada

Being on their tour to promote the film ‘Tees Maar Khan’, Akshay Kumar and the rest of the cast also visited Canada. At the press conference the well liked Bollywood super star stated that he belive the country of Canada to be paradise on earth.

Regarding his upcoming movie, Akshay Kumar wanted to point out that he is more than confident that this film is going to repeat the successes of his prior film hits. He added that the movie is going to be quit entertainment as it is a Bollywood masala picture which will be on the states of everyone.

The film ‘Tees Maar Khan’ is directed by the successful Bollywood director, Farah Khan, and produced together with his wife Twinkle Khanna. In the picture the actors plays the part of Tabrez Mirza Khan a con man. In ‘Tess Marr Khan’ also stars Katrina Kaif who plays the role of Akshay’s girlfriend. In conclusion the actor added that he believe that the director did a marvelous job for this picture.

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