Akshay Kumar will play the coolest role ever in Housefull 2

Mumbai: While Sajid Khan is very busy arranging all the detail for his comedy Housefull’s sequel, he realized that Akshay Kumar will have the opportunity to play the coolest role he has ever played in his career. The role Akshay will be playing in “Housefull 2” has gone back to the storyboard. The writers of “Golmaal”, Sajid and Farhad had been really swamped in writing this part.

Sajid Khan promised the fans that the Akshay Kumar who we will see in the new film is one we have never seen before. In the script for the sequel of “Housefull”, the two have created some of the scariest scenes of action anyone has ever seen. A special guest in the production of the film will be Robert Alonzo, the stunt coordinator for Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible 4”. He’s job for “Housefull 2” is to direct the introductory stunt of Akshay Kumar.

Sajid has confessed that the fans will be able to see some influences from James Bond in the film, as the character marked Sajid in his childhood.

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