Akshay wants Hrithik

New Delhi: The Bollywood super star and actor Akshay Kumar is rather confident that he cannot match dance steps with his colleague Hrithik
Roshan, but he still hopes that he will get the chance to do an action movie with him some day. After seeing the promo of the upcoming dance reality television show called ’Just Dance’, the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was quite quick to praise Roshan.


He talked about how good of an actor Hrithik is. Akshay is more than sure that many of the actors in the film industry of B-town are more than envious on his good moves. In fact it seems that in the Bollywood world, the actor is quite popular due to his moves, besides his acting skills of
course. Even more he added that youth sees in him a hero as his dnce moves are always special and show off his great talent.


In a recent interview, the Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar said reporters that “Hrithik is a one of a kind actor… He must know he makes all us heroes envy his moves… What that man brings to the dance floor is refreshing, extremely talented, and everything the youth needs to see in a hero.”


Akshay also wanted to add that he thing it would be a great idea if Roshan would open a dance school rather soon, believe it or not. “If he
opens a dance school, I know my son would be the first to attend. Hrithik has performed some of the most memorable and difficult dance steps in the last decade. I, of course, would never dance a duo with this guy, but I’d definitely love to make an action film with him” were his exact words. Well, who knows, maybe Akshay Kumar’s wish will come true and Hrithik will open that dance school.

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