Allari Naresh, shooting films with the speed of light

We can all remember the days when NTR, Krishna, ANR were great stars and made excellent films during their careers, at yesterday’s pace. This pace can still be found today, at the movies made by Allari Naresh. The telugu matinee idols from back then used to pop up about ten or fifteen films every year. Obviously, there were few means of entertainment back then, and the quality of the films wasn’t the highest.

The producers and the public put a high level of pressure on actors to do as many movies as possible. However, the many options people have nowadays make the public be more selective.

Allari Naresh still does five – six films per year, and along his career he has starred in a total of 35 films, and he is still going on. In the way he is going with shooting films every year, he is likely to cross the mark of 300 in a couple of years and even exceed the number of films the superstar Krishna has done along the career.

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