Amitabh knows Priyanka’s secret

Mumbai: The latest buzz in the movie industry of Bollywood is centered on Amitabh Bachchan and the beautiful Priyanka Chopra. As a recent Twitter conversation between the two lets to imagine, there seems to be a secret about Priyanka which Amitabh is aware of. A few days ago the two shared the same lodging, as they were on a short trip in Goa, separately.

For the New Year, Big B was in Goa with his family, and the beautiful actress was there with a few close friends. The Priynaka’s post from Twitter says “Sr bachchan I thing they don’t invade our privacy Sir because it’s a conspiracy. The universe likes surprising us when we least expect”. In reply he said “My dear that’s so philosophical… I was actually referring to me being your room neighbor in Goa!! And keeping it private”.

It was the word ‘privacy’ which caught our attention. Is there a secret of Priyanka of which Big B is aware? Are the two Bollywood super stars sharing a hush hush information or is it just another media stunt?

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