Anil Kapoor changes his mind about his hair

Mumbai: For a while now, many speculations and rumors went on about Anil Kapoor. The main reason is the bald look the actor will try on in his next film, entitled “Power”. The film will be made by Raj Kumar Santoshi, and all the fans were eager to see the new flick, as it is expected to be a huge hit, partly because of Anil Kapoor’s hair, partly due to the many stars who will play in the film.

Well, we have news for the fans of Anil Kapoor. According to a sure source, the actor will not be going bald in the film as he originally intended. It seems that the veteran actor’s family have persuaded the actor in giving up on this ludicrous idea.

The family of actor responded immediately after hearing the rumors, and confronted Anil. They were completely horrified with the idea, and his wife threatened him that she will not be accompanying him anywhere in public if he goes bald.

With such a threat, who would continue according to plan?

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