Anil Kapoor flies high, meets Tom Cruise!

They met for the first time in Los Angeles on stage, when Tom Cruise presented Slumdog Millionaire(2008) with the Best Film Award at the Golden Globes. Anil Kapoor told Cruise then that he was a household name in India. Their second meeting was in Prague, on the sets of Mission Impossible : The Ghost Protocol.

Kapoor’s thrilled to be a part of franchises like MI and 24 that have such huge fan bases. “24 got me appreciation; not just from top critics and TV viewers in Middle America, but across the globe, including India where city youngsters are hooked on to it,” he beams.

He admits that TV has a huge reach and while not KBC 4, he’s been offered a couple of reality shows. But he’s thumbed down the offers. “As a host, I’ve gone all over the world in 70 mm. But for Madhuri (Dixit), I’ll even go to Denver for a reality show. I wish some director would come up with a great script and cast us together.”

For the moment though Kapoor is enjoying the company of three sizzlers — Sushmita Sen, Kangna Ranaut and Neetu Chandra. He’s confident his home production, No Problem, will be Sen’s comeback film and a career turnaround for the seriously intense Ranaut.


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