Anil Kapoor to Remake 24 Series

Bollywood movies are highly inspired from Hollywood movies but now things are becoming more serious as directors are looking to remake some of Hollywood soaps here in India. Anil Kapoor went international with Slumdog Millionaire and since then there is no stopping for him. Anil Kapoor Films  Company have now confirmed that they have had a deal with 20th Century Fox that will provide them with the license to remake 24 for the Indian audience. 24 is still among the most popular television series in the United States and other western markets. 

Talking more about the series, Anil Kapoor Films Company said that they would like to make 24 for the Indian audiences and therefore they have deal with 20th Century Fox to provide them with the license to produce the same series in India. This is definitely for the first time that 20th Century Fox studio have decided to deal with an actor who have already worked in one of the episodes. Anil Kapoor is already working to launch a high budget television series here in India where 24 will be remade for people who have never seen 24 in original format.

Anil Kapoor said that it is a great honor for him to play the role of Jack Bauer and it would be a good idea to bring the concept to India. He also said that this would be the first time that he would be acting on Indian television. He also added that he would like to create the same kind of excellence that Fox created on American television screen. Marion Edwards, President for Fox International said that he knows that Anil is very passionate about his work and that he has a better vision to take this script to new levels when it will be duplicated in India.

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