Anil Kapoor upset with his brother

Mumbai: the latest buzz in the film industry of tinsel town is related to the fact that Anil Kapoor and his brother Boney Kapoor do not seem to get along. If we are to believe the rumors going around, it appears that the reason for which Anil is so upset with the producer Boney is because of the delay of the sequel to the film Mr. India.  

The Bollywood film producer Boney Kapoor wants to make a sequel to the famous film from 1987 called Mr. India. He also intends to cast in the motion pictures his brother Anil Kapoor alongside wife Sridevi. They will be playing the leading roles in the film. Some sources have even stated that Salman Khan will also be playing in the movie. Sallu will apparently be playing the part of the villain.  

But Boney Kapoor does not seem to be taken the movie further, reason for which his brother Anil is very upset with him. We hope that the movie will start rather soon so that things will not degenerate.

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