Anil Kapoor’s love for Bafta

To attend the one of the greatest award ceremony held overseas, the stars are set to walk on the red carpet to attend the Bafta . One among them is Anil Kapoor who will be present there to attend the event. He will not be available or found to celebrate the eve of Valentine Day with his wife. Anil who was seen during the event of Bafta on Sunday, seems to miss his wife as he is unable to celebrate valentine day with her.

According to sources Anil has told that it is for the first time that he would be out of the country on the occasion of Valentine Day. Wanted to be exceptional he brought a card from Los Angeles and making sure that his wife will get the card today. But unfortunately or to say bad luck his wife found the card right inside of his bag. He also told that his wife opened the bag and she got it, she also made it sure that it was for her only with a smile on his face.

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