Arjun Rampal to launch signature perfume, Alive

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal

It seems like Arjun Rampal is soon going to launch a latest perfume in the market. The announcement to launch a signature perfume came from Rampal in the last week of September. The perfume will be distributed through a chain of distributors that has its presence worldwide.

The perfume will also be unveiled with an exciting ad campaign. Reports are doing the rounds that the perfume “Alive” will be launched sometime next week. The perfume will be distributed by Baccarose. Signature fragrances haves been the forte of Baccarose as it was earlier involved in the marketing of signature fragrances of Hollywood stars Antonio Banderas and Britney Spears.

Last September, Arjun Rampal had confirmed that he was gearing up to launch a perfume through a worldwide chain of distributors and an exciting ad campaign.

Arjun commented that a perfume helps us to feel better and enable one to work better. Arjun did not reveal much about the perfume but added that a day perfume has been created which is soothing and is fresh with orange and pomegranate. The perfume is light and the evening perfume has a stronger note which is muskier.

Arjun has been working hard with the Paris based company to come out with a signature fragrance and he has been actively working with the perfume right from it selection process to the bottling stage.

Arjun Rampal has shot bare bodied for a print campaign of the fragrance “Alive”. Arjun is the third person in Bollywood to get a signature fragrance. Arjun’s closest friend in the industry Shahrukh Khan also has a fragrance named after him by leading French perfume brand Jean Arthes. Zeenat Aman, a heroine of the seventies was the first actor in Bollywood to have a fragrance named after her. Previously Amitabh Bachchan was also associated with Lomani.

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