Ash and Abhi plans wedding anniversary

Mumbai: Probably the most glamorous couple from tinsel town, none other than Ash Rai and Abhishek Bachchan are about to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. In spite the fact that the two have a really busy schedule, they have made plans to spend the day together. For the couple the place will not matter at all, as long as they are together.
These past few months, Abhi has been quite busy and he had to travel a lot. However, his wife manages to make time and flies to see him whenever it is possible. The couple has said on many occasion that they are not interested in gifts, they only thing that matters to them is to spend their entire life together.
In fact, in the past they have never exchanged gifts with the occasion of their wedding anniversary. “In the last three years of our marriage, Aishwarya and I have not exchanged presents on our wedding anniversary. We, instead, believe in celebrating our day by just being together,” said Abhishek in a recent interview.

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