Asin and Salman Khan in ‘Ready’

Mumbai: There have some rumors about a possible steaming scene to be included in the film Ready. However the director of the movie production, none other than Anees Bazmee decided to put a stop to this talk and denied all rumors about related to the subject. He wanted to make sure that everybody understands that Salman and Asin will not be having a steamy scene.

His exact words were “I don’t know where these rumors came from. There is no steamy sequence between Salman and Asin in ‘Ready’.” Even more, the director insisted on the fact that the entire movie is quite clean and does not include these sorts of sequences that are not meant to be viewed with the entire family.

Bazmee said that he always tries to make movie that are suitable to watch with the family, so no one should worry that something inappropriate cold come up on the screen. Even more he wanted to add that the little intimacy that is presented in his film is during the dances or songs.

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