Awards and Starry Tantrums

With the number of awards function increasing day by day, it is bonus time for all Bollywood stars as they get a chance to get rewarded for their work – good or bad. There was a time when people used to eagerly await the only and the most recognised awards of all time – The Filmfare.

However over the years, there were newer and newer awards which got introduced, Screen, Stardust, Zee Cine, IIFA and slowly the channels had an award ceremony associated to garner TRP’s. While there has been a paradigm shift from the jury based selection to popular mode of selection by way of the public choosing their favourite stars, each one has a reason to smile as they all know they can get LUCKY anytime.

While some stars accused of favouritism and bias in judging of awards some just expressed their displeasure of not attending them, while a few just made a statement of not accepting awards at all.

Riding high on success of Murder 2 and The Dirty Picture, Emraan Hashmi has expressed his concern over awards ceremonies and has taken a decision to shun all Bollywood award ceremonies. The Reason – For him awards mean monetary gains, so if an organiser is willing to pay him, he shall make his presence felt. Also he is of the opinion that most nomination processes at award functions are non-appealing to him.

The “serial kisser” says that his purpose is entertaining viewers and his fans and if he does that with conviction he is already a hero in their eyes.

While this is not the first time Bollywood has seen Stars refusing awards. Kumar Sanu the singer refused the Filmfare award for the 6th time after winning the award for 5 consecutive years. Aamir Khan stopped attending award functions reportedly when he was denied the Best Actor award for Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar when Anil Kapoor was judged the best actor for Beta. Sunny Deol, Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan are other Stars who just believe that neither the award ceremonies are for them nor the awards. Is it because of the nomination processes or is it just Starry Tantrums let them decide.

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