Big B enjoying his mother-in-law’s dishes every night

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan is very busy at the moment, as he is getting ready for a gala time shooting for “Aarakshan” by Prakash Jha, in Bhopal. The city he is now shooting in just happens to be his susural. Amitabh enjoys shooting in the home city of Jaya Bachchan, and he is very happy to come every night to his mother-in-law’s delicious dishes.

Big B is enjoying quite very much the home made food is mother in law prepares for him every evening. Amitabh stated that his wife’s mother, who is now living alone in her house in Bhopal, will make him his dinner every day and come personally to his hotel each night, when he finishes with his shootings, to bring him his favorite dishes, feeding him and supervising his meals.

Amitabh is thus pressured to eat more and more, to try one dish and another. No surprise if Amitabh will put on some weight after this experience, as Big B has nothing else to do but obey and eat, as posted on his blog.

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