Big B not intimidated by Hollywood

Mumbai: As everyone in the world is aware, the film industry of Hollywood is the most competitive and the most popular in the entire world. This is mostly due to its high performance technology and this is how they probably managed to stay ahead of their time. It is a common knowledge that the movie production that come from Hollywood manage to rule the majority of the foreign markets.

This being the case, is no wonder that this popularity of Hollywood does influence the Indian audience and the Indian actors, as well. In a recent interview, the Bollywood icon Big B has stated that the films from Hollywood are quite good, but he feels that they present subjects related to their society.

Regarding David Fincher’s picture, the B-town celebrity said that it is a really good one. Still many of the Indian people do not understand it, as they don’t know the internet so well. That is way Big B would like to see the film industry of Hollywood to create a hit like ‘Baghban’.

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