Big B sings in ‘Acapella’ style

Mumbai: The super star and icon of Bollywood has created yet another record due to his title track of his upcoming movie called Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap in ‘Acapella’ style – a first ever in India. If you are not aware of this concept, the Acapella music represent an artist or maybe a group of singers that perform without any instrument.

From what we have been able to find out, the music directors Shekhar and Vishal had an ambitious plan, which is making something unique with super star Amithab Bachchan. Apparently they have succeeded as this Acapella number has never been done before in the film industry of tinsel town. The directors really hoped to create something especially and unseen for the Bbuddah. When the two presented their idea to the actor, Big B managed to surprise them in a nice way as he instantly said yes to this concept.

Shekhar Ravjiani said reporters in an interview that “We wanted to try something new with this song. We did the basic setup and then Mr. Bachchan replaced every track with his voice. He recreated the sounds of approximately 10 to 12 instruments, from drum to bass to the snare to the chorus. In a nut shell, he did everything required to make a song!”

As you may know, Big B is rather a multi talented actor so it is no surprise that he accepted this challenge. In fact he has even shown a great interest in it as well as a big excitement. According to a source, the icon super star of tinsel town really gave it his all for the success of this project. We have to admit, that Big B really manages to surprise us every time, as he constantly raises the bar higher with every project which he has.

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