Bobby Deol thinks cinema is not art

2010 was not a very good year for those who want quality movies. Most of the highly expected films that were released during the last year were a complete disappointment at the cruel box office. After taking a look at the failures this year, producers and actors are trying to find a reason for this big problem Bollywood is facing.

Bobby Deol seems to be on to something. In his opinion, the economical crisis cannot be blamed anymore for the failures at the box office. In his own words, “cinema is not art anymore”. The actor thinks this is a very good idea. Now, the films are taking up different topics, and Bobby believes this is a very nice.

Well, we cannot disagree with him. But let’s be honest with ourselves and compare the film produced today with those of the past generation. Cinema has put aside its moral values and inhibitions, and is only trying to sell the audience shallow films. And the topics…they’re lacking real substance.

Bobby Deol is expecting the release of his latest film on January 14th, “Yamla Pagla Deewana”.

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