Bodyguard Breaks Audience Awareness Record

Directors and the crew of the film is more concerned about the marketing phase of the film because that is very crucial for the success of the film. Today, most directors spend millions to make sure that they have the right marketing strategy that can help them to attract more viewers when the film is launched. Bodyguard that stars Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead role is very much in the news these days because the cast and the crew is already busy promoting the film and looks like they have done well to keep the audiences aware of their new film. salman khan bodyguard

Ormax Media has been working on this for long time now and they have an awareness tracking tool where they check the level of audience awareness about the movie that is soon going to hit the theaters. They have now announced that Bodyguard has certainly come up with exceptional numbers and have broken all previous pre-release buzz records. Now this can only happen when the marketing and promoting department of the movie has done exceptional job and reached the audiences in the interior states as well.

With the help of their awareness tracking tool called Cinematrix, they have found out the movie already has 71% Buzz ratio and 99% Reach ratio. This means that almost 99% of the people in India is well aware that the movie is about to release and they will definitely look out for this movie. The buzz ratio is also very high which is also because Salman and Kareena  are working hard to create all the buzz that is required to keep the hype going on. Apart from this movie, Dabangg and Ready also had high buzz and reach ratio which confirms that they were hit later on. However, Bodyguard has received much higher ratings so it is very likely that Bodyguard will create a strong success platform for Salman in the future.

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