Bollywood King Shahrukh aims on motor sports track after IPL

Bollywood King Khan targets Indian Racing League after disappointing race of Ra.One.  Sharukh Khan already owns a team in cricket world—IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. The unbeaten Khan has no sigh of disappointment over failure of RA.One to meet his expectations.

RA.One was released on the eve of Diwali festival and all the cinema halls were booked for two week which did not let other pictures to enter theaters during this period. Despite such tight strategy and so much promotion overseas, the movie could just create few ripples in first three days and then subsided like a bubble!

Sharukh is eying at Indian Racing League. Particularly motor racing league— known as i! Super Series— started its journey very recent in 2011. The promoters of this league are Machdar Motorsports.

Machdar Motorsports have also revealed that i1 Super Series will include nine teams associated with nine different metro cities of India.

First of its kind in India, the sports will begin in January 2012. Shahrukh is looking to invest into this venture in the team which will be associated with Mumbai. While talking to media, the star revealed this. He also clarified that he had no clear idea of the prospect of investment, as it was not him, rather his company, which would invest money in motor sports.

Shahrukh’s Kolkata Knight Riders did not perform well in three IPS seasons; however, the latest IPL was marked with its presence as the team succeeded to hit the semifinals.

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