Celebrities turning to politics

The glamour in Bollywood is getting too much for just one industry. That’s probably what some Bollywood stars where thinking when they decided to take some of their sparkle in Assam, for the assembly elections next year. The Bharativa Janata Party (BJP) especially is going the extra mile to convince celebrities to contest polls.

Nipon Goswani is the first actor to announce his interest in joining politics. He explains his interest as he wants to change things and do more for the people. The veteran actor would like to start his political career on behalf of the Congress Party. In his 30-years long acting career, Goswami acted as lead actor in 50 films.

Following him up close, Brojen Bora is also ready to candidate. He would like a ticket from either his birthplace, Sivasagar, or the city where he currently lives, Guwahati.

Jatin Bora, Vidya Sagar, Suman Haripriya, will represent the younger generation of actor who want a career in politics.

The elections will take place in March or April. We do hope some changes will be done, and for the better.

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