“Character Dheela” – Sallu bhai’s next trademark anthem

When it comes to Salman Khan every song becomes an anthem in itself be it “Munni Badnam Hui” or “No Entry”. The latest song featuring Salman Khan is “Character Dheela” for his upcoming movie Ready which introduces his character in the movie. And already it is being predicted that this song will go on to become another one of Sallu bhai’s trademark hits.

Lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya and music director Pritam have been working on this song for the last six months just to make it the perfect entry song for Salman Khan’s character in the movie and only recently did Salman himself finished shooting the song in three different discos over a period of five days.

According to Bhushan Kumar who is the producer of the movie along with Rajat Rawail, this song is bound to appeal to the masses along with the elite as well due to its club song character. He has also predicted that this song will become an instant hit with the masses on the lines of “Munni Badnam Hui”.

To let the public catch on to the fever of “Character Dheela” Bhushan Kumar has agreed to start the promotions of the movie more than a month in advance before it releases on June 3rd.

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