David Dhawan upsets Akshay, without intention

Considering all the commotion that has been revolving around the film “Tees Maar Khan” for some time now, it is understandable for those involved in the making of the film to get a bit sensitive when it comes to the subject. That’s what happened with Askhay Kumar, the lead actor of the film.

The promotion of the film made it into a major blockbuster of 2010, but shortly after its release on December 24th, the critics dismissed the film. The audience was not very pleased with the film either.

Word is that at Anil Kapoor’s birthday party, which was celebrated on the same day,director David Dhawan criticized the film, and commenting on the Box Office “success” it had. The malicious comments reached Akshay’s ears afterwards. The actor did not waste a moment, and called Dhawan to ask for an explanation. The director, of course, apologized immediately, and all seems all right again.

Dhawan never means the comments he makes about the films he criticizes, as we heard, but the fact is that he does make them, without thinking of other people’s feelings.

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