Freida Pinto in Dhoom3?

Mumbai: If we are going to believe the latest rumors from tinsel town, it seems that we will have the chance of seeing the two Bollywood celebrities Aamir Khan and Freida Pinto working together and not just anywhere but in Dhoom 3. Until know there have been many rumors regarding the actress who is more likely to act in the film alongside Aamir. Some of the names include Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif.

Maybe the one that will get the role in Aditya Chopra’s movie production will be none other than Freida Pinto. If this gossip will came true, we will certainly have the chance of seeing a sensational pairing. As a source has told us, it appears that the director is does everything he can to get Freida to star in his film. Regardless of how it all will end, we can say for sure that the buzz made around the film has assured it with popularity. It will be interesting so find out who will win the fight and star alongside Aamir.

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