Govinda Freed On Bail

Mumbai: Govinda, the 48-year old Bollywood actor, was allowed freedom off the bars in return to bail today on a case that took place in 2008. He was accused of hitting a person with his palm during the shooting of his movie “Money Hain To Honey Hain”. The veteran actor had presented himself in front of a Magistrate in a court of Borivali only to talk on his behalf on an order concerned against him.

The filmfare award winning actor was given two options, as the first one being to provide a personal bond of Rs. 15,000. The second being, to instantly pay the cash of Rs. 10,000, Govinda paid the same and made himself free on bail.

According to the directive of the case, Santosh Rai, being the victim of Govinda’s slap on 2008, had complaint against the actor on the 17th of September 2011. It was recovered that the incident was a follower to an argument over an insignificant matter.

As per the recent-most news, he had his appearance on the court for the first time in subject to the particular case. Since he was not able to show up in the court on the given date previously, the actor was warned by the court officials that the charge against him will produce a non bailable warrant, if he would not appear in person on the next call-up.

Bipin Gupta, the advocate of the complainant, confirmed that the court further charged Govinda for a payment of Rs. 1,000 in return to his absence on the first call-up. The actor made sure of sorting things out legally appearing today at the court and skipping out any additional issues whatsoever.

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