Gulshan Grover: I was missing being Bad man

Mumbai: It has been a while now since he had the chance of seeing the original man of tinsel town, none other than Gulshan Grover, in his villain antics – weird getup, lousy character and badass lines. However, it appears that the wish of many to see the famous actor in such a role can come true rather soon.

From what we have been able to find out it seems that we will see Gulshan Grover playing the villain in the forthcoming movie production called ‘Bin Bulaye Baraati’. Here the actor will be featured in the part of a character called Black Cobra. In a recent interview the actor admitted that his fans were asking when he will be seen in one of his legendary roles. But we have been managed to find out that not only his fans were missing Gulshan Grover being the Bad man of Bollywood, but also the actor admitted that “Yes, I was missing it.”

In the same interview the actor compared the today villains with the ones from yesterday. In his opinion in the films from the past it was rather easy to see who the villain of the story was right away, but today the bad characters have managed to submerge in the society so much that one cannot tell who the nice guy is and who is the villain. “The way the villain looks today everything has changed,” said the Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover.

The tinsel town super star is very happy to be playing the conventional baddies on the large screen after a long period of being away. The actor really feels that he has managed to accumulate a large amount of expertise over the years and has come to enjoy every little part of the process. “I enjoyed the whole process of playing it again,” concludes Gulshan.

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