Gulshan Grover pairs up with Salma Hayek

Los Angeles: What connections does Salma Hayek have with Bollywood? None, one would answer, incorrectly though.

The famous Hollywood actress was proposed to appear in a film, “The Driver”, also starring Gulshan Grover. Gulshan received a call the other day in which Salma Hayek was asking for premature reports about the film.

Gulshan rushed to LA to talk to Salma in person, and now the situation is under control, the project is going well and the shootings will start this summer. Both Salma and Bill Duke, the director, wanted to know what was going on with the film.

The actor has specialized in villain roles in India, and he did not think that the producers were looking for someone like him, but they wanted him and he thinks that that counts for something. The actor is very happy that the producers really wanted him, and now he thinks that they even love him so much, that they can’t be offended with anything he does.

We do hope that’s the case! We can only wish Gulshan good luck!

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