No ‘Gutka’ for Akshay!

akshay-karanAll were rejoicing when they heard the piece of news that Akshay Kumar nodded a yes to Karan Johar, to star in his next film titled ‘Gutka’! But Akki has refused to be a part of the project now. Wondering why? Lets find out!

When K’Jo approached Khiladi Kumar with the idea of the script and the role, Akshay elatedly said yes as he was intrigued by the idea. In hush-hush tones by the gossipers it was heard, the story was centered around a Gutka dynast, and Akki, who was highly impressed by the concept, requested Karan to develop the idea. It was to be directed by Punit Malhotra.

But after hearing the final narration of the script recently, Akshay was left disappointed and he said a ‘No’ to Karan. Expressing his keenness to work with him, Akki humbly requested K’Jo to shelve this script and work on something new in which he can be cast. In short, a role which will intrigue Akshay.

Currently with no ‘Gutka’ for Akshay under Dharma Banner, there is likely to be the association of Akki-K’Jo in the near future. It would be for the very first time that the duo will be seen working together. An exciting  piece of news for the fans, isn’t it?

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