Gymnastics from The King

We all know just how hard the King Khan has been working for his new film “Ra.One”. He went more than the extra mile to make things just perfect and the film to be a real quality one. The film will surely look different, having added new and exciting touches, and the crowd will surely be entertained by the film.

We cannot even begin to imagine the amount of money that was invested in the film, starting with crores for the costumes, shooting and reshooting key scenes to make it just right, bringing in international music stars and icons, and so on. Now, it is SRK’s turn to make something big and spectacular.

There is a particular song in the film, during which Shahrukh Khan will be mixing gymnastics and showing off some unseen until now steps, which will make the song look completely different than anything the audience have seen before.

The public will be seeing everything, except the incredible body of the King, as he showed us in other films.

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