Himesh Now Goes Hollywood Style

There is a lot written and said about Himesh Reshammiya these days especially in regards to his new movie Damadamm that is getting good word of mouth publicity compare to SRK’s Ra One which is a huge movie that has taken over the globe. However, Himesh is once again in the news but this time for his forthcoming Hollywood movie. Himesh Reshammiya will now be seen in an international movie called A Star is Killed. So far Himesh never spoke about the movie but now the makers of the movie have decided to go ahead with little bit of promotion for the movie. 

They have already released the first official trailer of the movie and from the first look it seems like the movie is all about the death of Michael Jackson. To make it more convincing the makers have decided that they will release this movie on June 25, 2012 which also marks the third death anniversary of the great pop icon Michael Jackson. This has been confirmed by one of the sources close to the movie. However, the source and the director of the movie both claim that the movie is not about Michael Jackson.

The movie directed by Christophe Lenoir will definitely create some kind of controversy when people will realize that it revolves around the death of Michael Jackson and that any controversial scenes and dialogues are added in the film. The announcement of this international project has come at a good time for Himesh as people will now take him as serious actor who is trying to make his mark internationally as well as nationally with Damadamm doing good in theaters. So far Himesh has decided to stay away from the media and not to disclose any more information about the international projects that he has been doing.

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