Hrithik and Salman, friends again

The actor Hrithik Roshan was very surprised to meet with his rival, Salman Kahn, at a party organized for Sohail Khan’s birthday. Salman has spoken ill of the film Hrithik starred in, “Guzaarish”. Another important celebrity in Bollywood who has a problem with Salman was there, Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

When seeing that the three have met, the invitees gathered there expected a nasty turn of events. However, there was peace and quiet at the party, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Moreover, Hrithik and Salman exchanged pleasantries.

A close friend of Hrithik announced that the actor felt bad for having reacted the way he did at the statements made by Salman. Hrithik is sorry he made unpleasant remarks about Salman, instead of calling and talking to him personally.

Hrithik should have done what his father did and the scandal would have been avoided. Rakesh Roshan called Salim Khan, Salman’s father, and had a talk with him about Salman’s behavior, and things were all right between them.

Hrithik confirms that he and Salman had a talk and that things are now good between them.

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