Hrithik injured while cracking coconut

New Delhi: The handsome Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan did not have one of his best days today. During the shootings for the film “Agneepath”, Hrithik was seriously injured. The little accident took place at the Versova studios, where the scenes were being shot. Don’t imagine now it was something complicated, the actor simply had to break a coconut for a scene in the film. While trying out one of his moves to break the coconut, after several attempts, Hrithik hurt his fingers pretty bad, and they started to bleed.

No one realized what had happened with Hrithik until the shooting was finally over, and Hrithik’s hand was bleeding out badly. Naturally, immediately after seeing him in this state, the crew called off the shootings and rushed to provide the actor with the first aid. The entire day of shooting was cancelled due to Hrithik’s state.

Well, Hrithik, you should be feeling good about this. It is said to be good luck when blood is shed during the shootings of one of Karan Johar’s film.

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