Hrithik Roshan shows generosity

Hrithik Roshan is not only making lives nicer for film lovers, but tries to do his best and help as many people as he can. Recently, Hrithik has bought a Rs 10 lakh school bus and donated it to the Dilkhush Special School for the mentally challenged children in Juhu. Hirthik did not think appropriate to comment on the matter, but a source from the school admitted, while wishing to remain anonymous, admitted that Hrithil has indeed made this generous donation for the school. The school only had two buses, one being in desperate need of repairs. The buses are used to  pick up and drop off children in Mahim and Jogeshwari.

 The school has writing to Hrithik asking him for his help. The actor replied just a couple of days later announcing that the school bus will be in use by January. They thought of Hrithik as his wife, Sussanne, had visited the school in 2003 and was impressed by the children’s situations. The two have been helping the school by making donations ever since then.

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